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Positioning and brand creation

FUELTRAX is a market leader in the marine industry for Electronic Fuel Management Systems (EFMS) with a global customer base and rapidly growing market share – with a reputation for quality delivery and market leading innovation.

The client team wanted to take a fresh look at the positioning of the brand in a highly competitive marketplace and to ensure that the differentiation and value of the FUELTRAX offering is fully understood, helping to combat price comparison against inferior products.

Emberson worked with the client team, through facilitated workshops, to create a positioning that captured their differentiation as the only self-contained EFMS system and ensure that its value was clearly communicated.

We created a new brand identity that was appropriate for a market leading company that aligned with the positioning developed. We produce a comprehensive suite of marketing communications that included a new website, sales and marketing brochure, sales presentation, awareness and sales campaign emails, case studies and advertising campaigns.

The new brand has been successful in generating greater awareness of FUELTRAX with existing and new customers in the current marketplace and is creating interest in new markets.

"We are receiving lots of compliments on our new brand and the website. Great job from everyone at Emberson who helped make this happen, y’all are awesome!" Anthony George, CEO FUELTRAX


Core deliverables

  • Brand positioning
  • Messaging and value propositions
  • Brand identity
  • Bespoke graphic creation
  • Marketing collateral content & design