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Manara and Flux interactive content presenter

The Schlumberger Completions team wanted to create a presentation that their sales team could easily use to explain the benefits and features of their new Manara Production and Reservoir Management System.

Emberson worked with the client team, through facilitated workshops, to create the positioning for the system and to ensure that in any communication its value was clear. Rather than design a straightforward PowerPoint, Emberson proposed an interactive DCP as a solution – this provided the best platform to show the advantage of the technology in three key applications; extended reach, multi-laterals and multizone wells.

Using a DCP enabled the sales teams to tailor their customer-centric and context driven communication to customer’s situations, allowing drilling, completion and production engineers to explore different well types in different environments. It also allowed them to download and email detailed content including video, case histories and product sheets to potential customers whilst capturing their data for future communications.

Additionally, a ‘leave behind’ brochure was produced to compliment the DCP. The DCP has been used positively at events and by sales teams.

The success of this approach led to a further module being added to the DCP for the WellWatcher Flux Multizonal Reservoir Monitoring System. This module followed a similar format demonstrating to engineers how they could increase their reservoir knowledge and successfully address the challenge of acquiring reservoir data in real time across the sandface of wells with multistage completions to reduce risk.


Core deliverables

  • Technology positioning
  • Technology naming
  • Interactive digital content presenter with multiple modules
  • Design & bespoke graphic creation
  • Brochure content & design