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Schlumberger Production Performance Platform video

The Schlumberger Testing team were leading a project to commercialize a service based on technologies which would create the production facility of the future. In the run up to their launch they wanted to create a teaser video that could be showcased at events and with key customers to give an overview of the technologies and services that this new type of facility could offer.

Working with the client team, Emberson produced a storyboard to structure the narrative around the new offering. The video animation combined live footage of a facility with animatics and 2D/3D animations and renders to create an environment that showed what the advanced technology and dynamic process could deliver for their customers.

The video was well received by customers generating interest in the new service offering. It was used at events and incorporated into key presentations globally.

Core deliverables

  • Storyboard & script
  • Complex 2D & 3D graphics
  • Video animation